In today’s volatile markets, businesses that prioritise a “best in class” dream over a continuous improvement roadmap are set to loseCurrent research demonstrates this all too well. Globally, almost half of PMO professionals find the C-Suite’s business objectives unclear, whilst a staggering 80% waste half of their time on rework because of vague or unachievable goals.

That kind of slow down exposes your organisation to the threat of disruptive innovators, already taking billions in market share whilst slower organisations tie themselves up in strategic knots.

To tackle these issues, a change in mindset is needed. The solution lies in a new narrative – one that shifts the focus from striving for best practice for its own sake to pursuing a pragmatic, continuous improvement roadmap for tangible success.

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  • Why the laudable best practice ambition can, in fact, slow your business down.
  • How the shift from best practice to continuous improvement drives visible, accountable success.
  • How a continuous improvement roadmap brings clarity and alignment to the PMO/Executive reporting chain.
  • The five key questions to ask when designing a continuous improvement strategy.

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