Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor

September 2018

Portfolio Management

Delivering a successful portfolio of projects is reliant on good data, excellent insights and, importantly, visual reporting. However, many businesses continue to be held back by portfolio and project reporting that is too text heavy and complicated to deliver value to their senior executives. 

The majority of execs don’t have the time to pick through in-depth, complicated documents. They don’t want to have to fight to find the information they need hidden within unclear, text heavy spreadsheets and slide decks.

Instead, the modern exec requires concise, highly visual information that provides the full milestone history for their projects in an accessible, visual, easy to understand view of their portfolio. Yet very few are able to enjoy this luxury.

To fulfil these needs for visual reporting, PMOs and portfolio managers require a solution that eases the process, simplifies communication across the organisation and rids them of ineffective reporting tools and methods.

Our Kivue Perform portal enables PMOs to easily roll-up business critical information through visually engaging, attractive reports. Execs are able to access it via their iPad or smartphone, quickly understand the performance of their portfolio, and explore and drill into it as and when they need to. 

Check out our video to see how Kivue Perform can bring your reporting to life:



For more information on how Kivue Perform can engage your execs through highly visual reporting, download our infopaper or visit our website.

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