Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor

March 2022

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NEW PMO webinar: Pragmatic or Professionalised – Which is Better?

Our 2022 Lunch and Learn PMO Webinar series is returning on the 30th March, to ask the key question:

Stop! Is your PMO’s balance between pragmatic and professionalised making life better, or worse?

March 30 2022, 13:15 to 14:00 BST


Hosted by Rupert Taylor and featuring special guest, Vanessa Garrett, Head of Change Portfolio at JT (Global) Ltd.

A lived experience of transforming a PMO from “good” to “great”

JT (Global) Ltd is a full-service, world-class communications provider transforming connectivity across the Channel Islands and globally. So, leading the organisation’s change portfolio is no mean feat!

In this webinar, Vanessa will share her experiences at the sharp edge of transforming the PMO from a localised project reporting function to a mature, centralised PMO driving portfolio change, governance, and value.

Rupert and Kivue Perform have closely supported Vanessa and her team throughout the journey. Together, these two highly experienced PMO, portfolio and change specialists will reflect on the transformation, sharing lessons learned to drive effective PMO and portfolio delivery.

An interactive webinar exploring key PMO pain points:

In a lively, “talking heads” style session, Rupert and Vanessa will take a deep dive into these PMO questions and more…

  • Where is the optimum place for a Central PMO to sit within the organisation?
  • The importance of balancing a pragmatic PMO outlook with a professional PMO approach.
  • Finding the sweet spot between rigorous and light-touch portfolio governance.
  • What in-flight change and risk control looks like in a great PMO.
  • The role of cultural and behavioural management in delivering great PMO impact.

There will be plenty of tips and takeaways for the journey ahead, with practical examples to bring the issues to life.

Get involved: join your fellow PMO professionals with chat, challenge, and questions

A key feature of Kivue’s Lunch and Learn PMO webinars is the level of senior PMO debate in the chat room. Delegates really enjoy engaging with each other and the presenters, and our presenters welcome the chance to give their expert view on real PMO pain points, answer questions, and even have their thinking challenged!

Who should attend?

This PMO webinar is a great learning and development opportunity for:

  • PMO leaders and practitioners gearing up to move to the next PMO maturity level.
  • Portfolio managers who need to enhance portfolio visibility at an executive level.
  • Change and transformation managers seeking new expertise in risk and change control strategies.
  • Project sponsors who need to improve portfolio governance and delivery.
  • Project managers looking for targeted PMO expertise in change and transformation.


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