Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor

January 2022

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New Podcast: Kivue’s Rupert Taylor talks to Leaders of Consulting

With more than thirty years’ experience working with executives and boards on change and transformation programmes, Kivue’s Co-Founder, Rupert Taylor, certainly has plenty of experience to share! And he does so in this podcast, hosted by Leaders of Consulting’s Jonathan Baillie Strong.

Together, the pair discuss the story behind the evolution of Kivue Perform (the PPM platform developed out of Kivue’s own experience as a consultancy). Plus, they delve into unexpected tactics to ensure smaller consultancies (‘Davids’) can compete successfully against the Big Five (‘Goliaths’), as well as exploring the top characteristics that matter in any consultant.


Some of the key points Rupert covers in this interview include:

Doing change consultancy differently

In a saturated marketplace dominated by the Big Five, how can a smaller consultancy ensure it stands out and differentiates? The key, Rupert explains, lies in turning the situation on its head, playing to your strengths and embracing the pitching and procurement process with your own unique characteristics as a small consultancy.

Consultancy services based on outcomes and trust

Using personal experiences and anecdotes, Rupert demonstrates that in a world of polished pitches and inflated promises, the power of relationships and transparency can win out for the smaller consultancies and deliver meaningful outcomes for the client.

Transparency breeds credibility

Rupert explains why, sometimes, consultants need to be brave enough to tell the client what they need to know, not what they want to hear. It’s a brave and somewhat counter intuitive approach, but one that lies at the very core of Kivue’s relationship with, and service to, their clients. Honesty, Rupert says, breeds credibility – and that credibility is essential to deliver genuine value in change and transformation programmes.

The story behind Kivue Perform

Rupert tells the story of how spotting a recurring problem led to the concept and evolution of Kivue Perform. Designed from day one to offer a different, real-world approach to project and portfolio management, Perform’s value lies in its simplicity, usability, and the fact that it has been developed from the experience of practitioners including himself.

For the full story, listen to the podcast here.

To find out more about Rupert’s thought leadership in project and portfolio management, you can also register for our upcoming webinar on the 9th February: Most sponsors aren’t interested in PMO process…so how do we grab their attention?


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