Portfolio Management Blog

How visual can your exec reporting get?

Delivering a successful portfolio of projects is reliant on good data, excellent insights and, importantly, visual reporting. However, many ...

by Rupert Taylor August 2018

Portfolio Management Blog

How to drastically reduce the time spent on exec reporting

Wasting valuable time and resources on inefficient reporting processes is a common issue that blights companies of all shape and size in all ...

by Andy Parsons September 2018

Project & Programmes Blog

Why clarity and consistency are key to exec engagement

Gaining the trust and support of senior executives is crucial to guaranteeing the success of any business tool, particularly when it comes to ...

by Rupert Taylor September 2018

Kivue Perform Blog

Ineffective reporting processes cause a Communication Chasm: The PMO View

A growing Communication Chasm is having a negative impact on the relationship between the PMO community and their senior executive teams. 

by Rupert Taylor February 2019

Portfolio Management Blog

Ineffective reporting processes cause a Communication Chasm: The Exec view

Senior execs are becoming increasingly frustrated by ineffective project and portfolio reporting, according to our latest research project. The study ...

by Rupert Taylor January 2019

Kivue Perform Blog

Wow your execs with highly visual reporting tools

One of the most common problems shared by businesses of all shape and size is encouraging senior executives to engage in their ongoing projects. 

by Rupert Taylor October 2018

PPM Blog

PPM solutions: Double keying - right, wrong or unavoidable?

Everyone is striving for a world where we plan, manage and report on the portfolio without double keying or double entry for delivery teams. What do ...

by Andy Parsons September 2018