Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor

October 2018

Blog| Kivue Perform

Wow your execs with highly visual reporting tools

One of the most common problems shared by businesses of all shape and size is encouraging senior executives to engage in their ongoing projects. 

To help solve this issue, we’re hosting a webinar that will help PMOs and portfolio managers understand how visual reporting can help them get execs on-side, focusing on virtual project room vBAR and our reporting tool Kivue Perform.

The key to exec engagement is understanding your audience, knowing what information they require and what format they expect to receive it in. From who they are and how they operate to what motivates and what they want from their employees, we’ll paint a picture of how building a picture of your execs’ needs can make your job easier. 

We’ll then take a close look at two innovative, highly visual reporting tools that enable PMOs to meet these needs. vBAR is an online project room that enables PMOs to engage execs in their individual project information. It beings projects to life in a single, simple, visual view, which gives execs confidence in the project and actively encourages them to get involved.

While Kivue Perform provides a highly visual overview of your entire portfolio of projects, enabling execs to access the status of projects anytime, anywhere and pinpoint the items that demand their input in seconds.

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