Greener Grass and Pastures New

In the midst of all the urgent pressures on university
leadership teams, it would be tempting to put sustainability programmes into the too difficult box...

Anything which takes time and money and has a payback period over many years is going to struggle to get priority in today’s challenging times. But even if you and your leadership team don’t view this agenda as a priority, it is not going away.

Your stakeholders (Council, academics, students, and local, regional and national governments) will expect concrete action and progress. So how, in the face of all the challenges generally, can you gain and retain momentum
and engagement on your sustainability programme?

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  • How to be realistic about the challenges
  • Understand where you are now
  • Deliver early and keep delivering
  • Build a narrative for your stakeholders that keeps them engaged
  • Practice What You Preach

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