Project management is evolving towards maturity faster than ever before. But, even today, the gap between PM realities and C-Suite expectations remains frustratingly wide.

New research from Kivue has revealed major discrepancies between what executives are demanding and what PMs are delivering – and the reasons why. 

Watch Rupert Taylor (Co-Founder, Kivue) and Amy Hatton (Contributing Editor, Project Manager Today) for a lively, interactive session that will give new insights into:

  • Why executives still struggle to understand the value of a good project management
  • Key findings from Kivue's research that give real insight into why project teams find it difficult to gain executive understanding and direction
  • How to apply these insights to achieve genuine buy-in and effective decision making
  • A new solution to this challenge which is successfully being used by both large brands with existing PPM platforms and medium to large companies as a stand-alone solution   

Who is the webinar for:

Project practitioners, PMO members and PPM professionals who are responsible for, or involved in, reporting to senior business members and gaining strategic direction from them.

If you would like to watch the webinar, please see the recording below.

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