A widening communication chasm between senior execs and the PMO community is impacting businesses worldwide. Execs aren’t receiving the information they need in the formats they demand, and PMOs aren’t aligning portfolio performance tracking outputs with their execs’ needs and characteristics.

Kivue has commissioned research with people working on both sides of the chasm and discovered major discrepancies between what execs are demanding and what PMOs are delivering.

If you would like to watch the webinar, please see the recording below.



In the webinar, Rupert covered:

  • The formats execs told us they want to receive reports in
  • The level of information execs want to be provided with
  • Why PMOs’ reporting habits are only serving to frustrate execs
  • 5 solutions for closing the communication chasm
  • How Kivue Perform can help you enhance exec engagement

Rupert also offered webinar attendees the opportunity to trial Kivue's Perform platform with their own project data. If you would like to claim this offer, please fill out the form below.