Rupert Taylor

Rupert Taylor

September 2018

Project & Programmes

Gaining the trust and support of senior executives is crucial to guaranteeing the success of any business tool, particularly when it comes to assessing the success of projects. Businesses therefore need to make it as easy as possible for their business leaders to quickly and easily understand how their portfolio is performing.

Senior execs want to receive concise, visual information they can digest in minutes. Yet they continue to be supplied with long winded project reports and slide packs in various formats, which understandably leaves them frustrated.

Furthermore, poor communication levels across the PPM process are hindering businesses’ reporting efforts. PMOs, portfolio and project managers aren’t able to provide a level of information that’s dynamic enough to engage senior executives as the tools they deploy are not up to the job and they often lack the requisite training or knowledge to use them effectively.

Enhance exec engagement

To meet senior execs’ needs and requirements, PMOs and portfolio managers must ensure they work with concise and visual, business-critical data that will deliver actionable insights. This requires a solution that eases the reporting process, simplifies communication and rids them of ineffective methods and tools.

Simplifying the portfolio performance input and reporting process provides fingertip control to PMOs – boosting collaboration and encouraging quality across all areas of portfolio and project management 

Portfolio managers are able to provide execs with insights on their iPad or smartphone, enabling them to explore that information in the level of detail they require. This improves and accelerates decision-making across your portfolio of projects, which enables them to be delivered more quickly, smoothly and, ultimately, more successfully.

Rather than becoming frustrated with inconsistent processes, senior execs can look forward to highly visual, drillable and concise reports that enable them to quickly understand how their portfolio is performing, whenever and wherever it suits them.

Download our PMOs guide to enhancing exec engagement to learn how to perfect your exec reporting.

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