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January 1970

Blog Effective PMOs

Making Agile Accountable: A PMO Guide to Reporting on Iterative Delivery

A roadmap of continuous improvement (let’s call it “agile” with a small “a”) has the capacity to generate innovation, productivity and a competitive ...

by Rupert Taylor August 2019

Blog Portfolio Optimisation

2020 Portfolio Mobilisation Checklist - What do you score?

Has 2020 been a success?.... You may think it is too early in the year to ask this question, but be sure that it will be asked at the end!  The ...

by Rupert Taylor February 2020

Blog Effective PMOs Portfolio Optimisation

Unlock value by keeping it simple in portfolio management

The vast majority of businesses deliver internal or customer-facing projects, yet project managers and PMOs are struggling to gain the exec ...

by Rupert Taylor January 2020

Blog Portfolio Optimisation

Why Sales Skills Take Priority for Programme Delivery Success

Few of us consider ourselves a salesperson as, unless we work in sales, selling is unlikely to be a part of our official job description. However, ...

by Rupert Taylor October 2019

Webinars Effective PMOs

Wow your execs with highly visual reporting tools

One of the most common problems shared by businesses of all shape and size is encouraging senior executives to engage in their ongoing projects. 

by Rupert Taylor October 2018

Blog Effective PMOs

Avoiding the Project Planning Pigeonhole

It’s a common misconception that a great Programme Director is essentially a supercharged project planner. But in reality, the truly effective ...

by Rupert Taylor September 2019

Blog Effective PMOs

Ineffective reporting processes cause a Communication Chasm: The PMO View

A growing Communication Chasm is having a negative impact on the relationship between the PMO community and their senior executive teams. 

by Rupert Taylor February 2019